• the newcastle song

  • I was playing at a contiki bar in Florence, Italy and everytime the soccer was on and the local side had won , everybody would be buzzing and singing their local anthem , a chant . It was like their own song for their own hometown .It was very moving and I could see that it brought them closer together.Ch-Ching!!!! what a great IDEA!!!! I thought.

    I had already started an idea of a song titled " Newcastle" some 5 years previous , yet it had no chorus.

    So on my arrival home I came up with my own chant , something that my hometown could sing with pride and passion.

    The most frequently asked question about this song is "Did you ever think it would be as big as it became ?""

    Well I knew it definately would be accepted by the public because before it was on the radio i was playing the song at my gigs and the response was amazing. People would pack the gig just to hear the one song.

    So I find it difficult to give this question a straight answer because I knew that if it was given the right publicity, given the chance, then what went off and worked really well in front of 50 at the local pub would do the same on a larger scale. Yet just how big it became is mindblowing.I had a lot of faith in this song as i do all my songs.Yet my thanks go out to "The Newcastle Knights" for their support of the song and of course for their fine performance on the paddock that year, without which my song might not have recieved the publicity and exposure that it did.Also I would like to thank Jim Morrisson for having the guts and faith to play it first on radio.

    I love Newcastle .This is my home and wherever I go, it will always be my home.

    The following lyrics are things that i have observed growing up here.As for the drug reference i do not condone drugs I am merely stating my observations.As for the swearing . I personally do not find words offencive. I believe its more the tonality, intention and feeling behind it. Call a dog an idiot lovingly and it will wag its tail, do the same with anger in your voice and it will cower.Yet out of respect at my shows if there are children present I will not sing the song.